Cambridge A Level Accounting

Introduction to Accounting 9706

If you are one of those who wants to understand the languages of Finance, then A Level Accounting is your core subject to study. This is a highly accepted subject to study to have a deep insight about the Laws and Principles of Accounting. This Course will provide the students a firm foundation to understand the rules and laws of Accounting on a Higher level. This is an Advanced Level Subject that provides a great knowledge and practice of Laws and Principle. Accounting is a subject that comprehends a plethora of information necessary for Business and finance.

Significance of A Level Accounting

At Doyen education, for the students who are in Love with Business languages, Accounting is a crucial subject to take. As it provides a deeper knowledge of how Accounting Relates to Business and how it is interlinked with finance and Business. Studying A Level Accounting, Students will have a solid grasp of all the technicalities followed by reporting and Bookkeeping etc. this subject will prepare the students to implement all the knowledge in their real life if they wish to pursue their career in the same line or wants to start their own business. Let;s work together, and be the master of Finance and Accounts!

Cambridge A level Accounting

Our Goals

We are confident that by focusing on these objectives, we can provide our students with a thorough and fulfilling A Levels Accounting, setting them up for progression in Accounting Studies on High Level.

At Doyen Education, we strive to achieve following goals

Learning Outcomes

Doyen Education's Accounting instruction seeks to give students a keen interest in the field and a solid grasp of its key concepts.

  1. Understanding of Accounting World: Students get knowledge of the several basics of accounting varieties, and interactions.
  2. Analytical Skills: Students studying business at the A-level must understand corporate issues and use critical thinking to find solutions. Employers strongly respect these talents, which are applicable to all professional paths..
  3. Communication skills: By using their oral and written communication abilities, students will be able to engage with stakeholders, create reports, and give presentations.
  4. Practical Application: Students will be able to use their knowledge and abilities in case studies, simulations, and business projects to deal with real-world business issues.
  5. Technical Skills: The abilities of recording, reporting, presenting, and understanding financial information are the main areas of attention for students since they provide an excellent basis for further study and a job in the field.
  6. Understanding the complexities: Students will be able to comprehend and digest fully the complexities of Finance, Reporting and handling of Accounts.
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Syllabus overview

The curriculum encourages students to consider the usefulness and practicality of accounting in many circumstances. In addition to studying topics like financial accounting and cost and management accounting, students will also examine the job duties of the accountant.

Understanding, applying, analysing, and evaluating accounting information to support business decision-making and convey information to stakeholders are skills that students get by studying this subject. These transferrable abilities serve as an excellent starting point for further education and a career in accounting or a related field.

Cambridge A-Level Accounting 9706

Meet Our Expert
Faheem Zia Accounting teacher

Faheem Zia

IGCSE/O & A Level Accounting Teacher

If you are interested in learning about the complex world of accounting? Meet Fahim Zia an Accounting Expert at Doyen Education! With the plethora of knowledge and experience in the field of Accounts and finance , he has the ability to direct you through the intricacies of financial reporting, analysis, and decision-making. Doesn't matter if you're a student looking to accomplish your A Level exams with flying colors or a new fish seeking to swim the ocean of accounting for what so ever  reasons, As an A Level accounting teacher, he is the Best fit  for you. With his engaging and unique teaching style and real-world examples, he'll bring accounting to life and help you achieve your goals. So why wait? Sign up for classes with an A Level accounting teacher today and take the first step towards mastering this vital subject!

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