Cambridge A-Level Chemistry 9701

Introduction to A/AS Level Chemistry

A Level Chemistry is an evolved version of study in the domain of chemistry that offers pupils a deep understanding of the subject's key ideas. Exploring the structure, characteristics, and reactions of matter at the molecular level is a difficult yet rewarding subject.

Significance of A/AS Level Chemistry

One of A Level Chemistry's most important features is that it gives pupils a thorough understanding of the fundamental ideas and concepts in chemistry. For students who intend to pursue further studies in chemistry as well as related disciplines like biochemistry, molecular biology, and pharmacology, having this understanding is essential.

Also, studying A Level Chemistry aids students in acquiring a variety of crucial abilities, such as analytical reasoning, problem-solving, and critical thinking. These abilities are highly regarded across a variety of industries and are necessary for numerous occupations.

Our Goals

Doyen Education's online A Level Chemistry teaching has the following goals

Learning Outcomes

  1. By the completion of our A Level Chemistry programme, students will have a comprehensive understanding of key ideas of A Level chemistry.
  2. By our coaching, an understanding of the characteristics of matter, including how gases, liquids, and solids behave will be developed in students.
  3. understanding the fundamentals of chemical kinetics, including the variables that influence reaction speeds.
  4. Understanding how the laws of thermodynamics relate to chemical reactions.
  5. identifying the characteristics, reactivity, and nature of acids and bases.
  6. knowing the fundamentals of organic chemistry, especially how organic molecules interact and change
  7. demonstrating proficiency in analytical chemistry, including spectroscopy and quantitative analysis.
  8. demonstrating an understanding of inorganic chemistry, including inorganic compound characteristics and processes.
  9. demonstrating an understanding of environmental chemistry, including how chemicals affect the environment and how to lessen their effects.
  10. building experimental design, data analysis, and critical thinking abilities in science.
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Syllabus overview

Chemistry at the A levels expands on the knowledge gained at this level. The key theoretical ideas that underpin the curriculum, certain recent applications of chemistry, and a huge emphasis on advanced practical abilities are all included in the program offered. A scheduled practical examination is used to evaluate practical abilities.

The emphasis throughout has been on knowledge acquisition as well as conceptual comprehension and the application of chemistry ideas in new circumstances. The training promotes innovative thinking and problem-solving techniques that can be used in any potential job path. Cambridge International AS & A Level Chemistry (9701)

Meet Our Expert
Muhammad Luqman

Muhammad Luqman

IGCSE/O & A Level Chemistry Expert

Introducing M. Luqman, a Chemistry expert with a plethora of knowledge and experience at O/A Level. M. Luqman has more than ten years of experience tutoring and teaching Chemistry to students of all levels, making him a highly sought-after specialist in the subject.

M.phil in Chemistry and a love of chemistry have propelled M. Luqman to success in education. His pupils routinely receive top grades on tests, and he has taught at some of the most prestigious Institutes in Pakistan. M. Luqman is an expert on O/A Level Chemistry and is well-versed in all of its nuances. He is adept at simplifying complicated ideas into straightforward, understandable terms, making Chemistry approachable for all students, regardless of background knowledge.

Luqman has the expertise, experience, and enthusiasm to assist you in accomplishing your objectives, regardless of whether you're a starving student trying to raise your Era or a future Chemistry major looking for an advantage. Knowing the fascinating world of chemistry will be simple for you to understand with his support and knowledge.


  • Students taking the A Level Chemistry must succeed on five papers with the following structure.
  • Following the AS level, the first three exams will be given.
  • Two further exams will be taken to complete the A2 Level.
  • However students would have the option of either attempting all of the examinations in one sitting after two years or in two AS Level (P1, P2, and A2 Level  (P4, P5) exams.
No. Paper Type Marks Time Given
Paper 1
1 hour 15 minutes
Paper 2
AS Level Structured Questions
1 hour 15 minutes
Paper 3
Practical & Structured Questions
2 hours
Paper 4
A2 Level Structured Questions
2 hours
Paper 5
Planning, Analysis & Evaluation
1 hours 15 minutes

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