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Introduction to Economics 9708

We at Doyen Education are delighted to welcome you to the captivating arena of in-depth research on human activity as a correlation between ends and constraints.Economics at the A-Level is a highly esteemed subject that educates students with a wide range of abilities and information necessary for success in the modern, global economy. Choosing this subject for your A Level is the best course of action if you enjoy learning about this tricky subject and desire to plunge into the ocean of economic knowledge. Let's work together at Doyen Education to explore the money flow statement and other economic indicators!

Significance of A Level Economics

Economics A Level provides students with a thorough understanding of how economies function and the policies that govern them, which is crucial for success in today's quickly evolving global economy. It is a well-balanced combination of macroeconomics, microeconomics, and other broad spheres of human activity. International trade and development economics are also covered in Economics A Level, giving learners a comprehension of the global economy and the interdependence of nations. This is more crucial than ever in a world where businesses and organisations work internationally and economies are becoming more interconnected. Economics A Level will give you the knowledge and abilities you need to succeed whether you want to work in business, finance, or public policy.

A level Economics

Our Goals

The mission of Doyen Education's A Level Economics curriculum is to give students a thorough understanding of economics as well as the tools and information they need to thrive in their future academic endeavours and professional endeavours.

Doyen Education's online O Level Economics teaching has the following goals

Learning Outcomes

A level Economics is a captivating subject that offers students a variety of useful abilities and information.. By learning this syllabus students will be able to,


  1. Mastery of Advance Economic Concepts: The A level Economics course introduces students to Advance economic ideas such as supply and demand, inflation, economic growth, and global commerce.
  2. Real Life Relevance: By our coaching, we hope to provide students the skills they need to use their understanding of Economics to solve problems in the real world and come to wise judgments.
  3. Excellent analytical abilities & critical thinking: Students will develop strong analytical abilities and acquire a critical grasp of changes in the wider economic and social environment.
  4. Ability to communicate. Students will gain knowledge on how to effectively convey economic concepts and arguments in essays, reports, and presentations. Nearly every industry, including business, academia, and government, values these abilities.
  5. Preparation for further study: By providing students with the fundamental information and abilities they need to excel in higher-level courses, our curriculum is intended to prepare them for further study in the field of Economics.
  6. Understanding of Human Behavior: Students will be able to assess Human behaviour and Establish the practise of using reference materials as sources of information particular to economics.

Students will become knowledgeable about the ethical,  legal, and environmental factors that may affect or be influenced by Economics faction.

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Syllabus overview

Students gain the ability to organise, present, and convey ideas and judgements properly. They also learn how to explain and analyse economic topics and arguments. The curriculum covers a variety of key economic concepts, such as an overview of the price system and government intervention, global commerce and exchange rates, how to assess employment and inflation, and the causes and effects of inflation. In addition, students study macroeconomic theory, market failure, economic growth and development, as well as company theory and macroeconomic theory.

Cambridge International AS & A Level Economics (9708)

Meet Our Expert
Tayyab Khawaja Economics Teacher

Tayyab Khawaja

IGCSE/O & A Level Economics Teacher

Mr. Tayyab Khawaja is a professional economist with in-depth expertise in teaching economics, and Doyen Education is proud to introduce him. He is skilled at simplifying difficult ideas so that every learner, regardless of background knowledge, may comprehend economics. He is quite talented at developing learning environments that are interesting to students. Tayyab's commitment to quality has assisted many students in achieving their academic objectives and preparing for success in the commercial world, whether via the understanding of difficult Economics ideas or the development of essential critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

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