Cambridge A Level Psychology

Introduction to Psychology 9990

We at Doyen Education, welcome you in the interesting and complex world of human brain and behaviour. Psychology is a greek word that is a combination of two words “Psyche meaning Life and logos means people”. Psychology is a constantly moving and evolving subject. The A Level provides an introduction to six "core" subjects of psychology, which is defined as the "scientific study of the mind and behaviour". The focus of social psychology is on how people interact socially. In the presence of others and with their assistance, we are completely functional as individuals. Whether you are a student who wants to pursue a career in psychology or just want to develop a greater understanding of the human brain, A Level Psychology is your Subject.

Significance of AS/A Level Psychology

Psychology at A Lever is a subject of great importance as it helps students to underpin and explore the human psyche and how the human brain functions. The A-level curriculum includes a variety of subjects that are crucial for comprehending the intricacies of human behaviour, including social influence, memory, abnormal psychology, and cognitive development. This important subject develops all necessary skills that prepare students for future endeavours.

If you are one of those and want to understand and learn through the study of Psychology at A Level, come along with us on a voyage of discovery and illumination!

Cambridge A level psychology

Our Goals

At Doyen education, we have the following objectives.

Learning Outcomes

By learning this syllabus students will be able to,


  1. Understand the behavioural and mental processes:Level A psychology will enable the students to understand the different behaviours exhibited by humans.
  2. Enable to control and modify the mental process:
  3. Improving critical thinking abilities: The study of Psychology places a strong emphasis on analytical and critical thinking abilities. students learn to use these skills in their real life.
  4. Learn how to predict the mental processes: Students will be able to implement the interventions and strategies learned in A Level Psychology to control and modify the human behaviour and mental process.
  5. Work for Human well being: By explaining the different patterns of human behaviour and mental processes A Level Psychology instils a passion to work for human well-being.
  6. Develop critical thinking: Students will be able to evaluate social phenomena and their effects on both individuals and groups, using the critical thinking skills necessary for this course.
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Syllabus overview

Students who do AS & A Level Psychology will get an understanding of psychological ideas, theories, and research techniques. The curriculum:is appropriate for students with no prior understanding of psychology and engages with the four fundamental aspects of psychology: biological, cognitive, social, and learning. Students have a choice of two options to further their study. during Cambridge International Students are encouraged to think about the connections between psychological research and daily life by taking an A Level in clinical psychology, consumer psychology, health psychology, or organisational psychology.

Cambridge International AS & A Level Psychology 9990

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