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What is A-Level

O Levels make up the first half of the General Certificate of Education (GCE), whereas Advanced Level (A Level) is the second. This curriculum is taken up by students in their 12th or 13th year of high school or between the ages of 16 and 18. It is a two-year course that is used as a standard evaluation of pupils in order to establish their eligibility for applications to colleges and universities.

It is delivered by educational institutions, primarily in the UK, but also in nations that are or were formerly members of the commonwealth. A Levels are compared by the British Council to the American Advance Placement, which is equivalent to the first year of their four-year bachelor's degree.

A-Level comprises two years, First year we may call it AS Level And the second year is oftenly called A2 Level. Cambridge is offering a flexible exam pattern that allows Students to attempt the years separately as per their ease and wish.

The A-Level qualification is intended to focus on providing a thorough education and to help them hone their analytical and critical thinking abilities. It is a demanding, academically difficult curriculum that calls for commitment and hard effort. It is assessed through coursework and written exams.

In essence, those who want to have a bright future should consider earning an A Level. A Level of education gives you the abilities and knowledge necessary to thrive, whether you choose to continue your study or start a career.

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To be eligible for the A-Level program, students must have completed five subjects with grades between A* and C, including English and mathematics, at either the IGCSE or O Level. Out of a total of available disciplines, students must select three to six subjects for A Levels. This gives the school the freedom and flexibility to tailor the curriculum it offers to its students.

The following three groupings of numerous subjects are offered by Doyen Education to help students excel in their knowledge and talents.

Science Subjects

Business Subjects

Social Sciences

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Why Choose A Level at Doyen Education?

In the United Kingdom, A/AS levels (Advanced/Advanced Subsidiary levels) are well-recognized academic credentials that are also generally recognized by institutions and employers around the globe. To prepare for further education or a future job, choosing to study A/AS levels at Doyen Education will be a terrific approach to obtaining a stronger understanding and skills in particular subject areas.


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Final Assessment

Three alternatives for assessment are available to students.

  1. Only the Cambridge International AS Level is an option for the student. Half of a Cambridge International A Level is covered under the syllabus.
  2. The student has the option of taking a "staged" assessment path, in which case they would take the Cambridge International AS Level in the first examination series and the Cambridge International A Level in the second. Two times over a 13-month period, AS Level marks may be carried over to a full A Level.
  3. All of the Cambridge International A Level program's exams can be taken in one sitting by the student, usually at the conclusion of the course.
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I found Physics more interesting and easy since I found Doyen Education. The environment created by teachers here is amazing and creative. Thank You Doyen Education!

Abdullah Abid A-Level Student

Doyen Education is a one stop shop for me. As a Muslim I was a learner who wanted to have a strong command on Religion. I found Sir Ahmed Baber, who helped me to accomplish my goal. Thank you sir Ahmad & Doyen Education!

Maheen Shoaib A-Level Student

I always wanted to become an entrepreneur and Doyen Education helped me in achieving this. Sir Ahsan Naqvi helped me alot in cracking the complex concepts of Accounting and instilled a passion for learning in me. Thank You!

Soha Nadeem A-Level Student

I’m a student of O Level Business Studies and found A level Business Studies very hard to understand. Thanks to Doyen Education, for giving me a chance to meet with Ahsan Naqvi, an expert in Business Studies.! Thank You!

Musa Khan O-level Student

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