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We at Doyen Education, have a workforce of experts equipped with extraordinary skills, professionally matured, having the plethora of knowledge for subject matter and committed to help each student to get succeed Our teachers are pioneers in the virtual classroom and assist students from all grade levels and locations reach their potential through student – centered learning. No one can predict how far children will advance when they receive the specialised one-on-one attention they deserve.

Whether you are a student who is seeking to accomplish an excellent score in IGCSE/O/A Level Science Subjects,(Physics, Biology, Mathematics & Chemistry) or a learner, interested in exploring the world of business with IGCSE/O/A Level Business subjects (Accounting, Business Studies & Economics),Doyen Education is your gateway, offering you the best online tutoring for IGCSE/O/Level subjects including (Pakistan Studies, Islamiyat, Sociology & Psychology) Doyen education is an IGCSE/O/A Level academy offering the dynamic and innovative learning environment virtually.

At Doyen Education, you will find

Self Evaluation

In particular, self-evaluation is something you should not take for granted. By offering you brief online coaching to assist you gauge where you are.

An open & Flexible Environment

We aim at Doyen Education to nurture a big family of students and teachers where students will learn to interact with teachers openly & confidently.

Live Streaming

At Doyen Education, we are providing high quality lectures through live stream via multiple virtual meet channels zoom, Teams etc.

Recorded Lectures

We understand & value your time and if you missed a live stream, Not to worry more! Doyen Education provides you with recorded lectures that you can watch anytime as per your convenience.

Notes & Past Papers

Doyen Education is here to provide you with the each subject note prepared by our experts that would definitely help you to stand out your IGCSE/O/A level. 

With our online tutoring services and the assistance of our experts, you will stay on top of the curve and accomplish the best in your exams.

Our Personalised Approach

Each student's education at Doyen Education Online School is tailored to their unique skills in order to give them the best chance to succeed. Making a student's learning course unique is a continuous endeavour. Throughout the year, teachers, Learning Coaches, and students meet to review progress, change the student's individualised education approach, and modify goals as necessary.

Here is some further information regarding how we personalise a student's education strategy:

  1. Understanding student background & learning style
  2. Performance Evaluation
  3. Taking the Right course & Placement.
  4. Effective Communication
  5. Understanding and Achieving Goal.

We don't deliver formal special education services at Doyen Education; instead, our tailored learning approach caters to the needs of each individual student. Please contact one of our admissions counsellors to check if Doyen Education is the best fit for the well-being of your children.

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