Cambridge A-Level Biology 9700

Introduction to A/AS Level Biology

Are the richness and variety of life on Earth fascinating to you? Do you want to discover more regarding the way living things work and relate to their surroundings? If so, biology at the A-level could pose as the perfect choice for you.

The fundamental principles of life, from the molecular level to the ecosystems that support our earth, are explored in depth in biology A Level courses.

Significance of A/AS Level Biology

The natural world is thoroughly explored in biology A levels, from microscopic cells to intricate ecosystems. You'll learn more about how organisms work and interact with their surroundings through interesting theory and practical experiments.

You can study about the underlying principles of life, such as genetics, evolution, and ecology, by taking biology A Levels. Also, you'll learn useful skills like data analysis and critical thinking, which are beneficial in any field of study or profession.

Biology A Levels offer a thorough foundation, regardless of whether your goal is to pursue a degree in biological science or simply to increase your awareness of the natural world. This course will test your ability to think critically and creatively and appreciate the complexity and beauty of the nature around us.

IGCSE/O-Level Biology

Our Goals

We at Doyen Education are dedicated to giving our students an engaging and enjoyable Online learning experience and to fostering both their academic and personal development. In order to help you meet your goals and realise your full potential, biology A Level students have access to a variety of resources and support services, like tutoring, study groups, and academic counselling.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Knowledge of core ideas: Students will be able to articulate a thorough comprehension of biology's essential ideas, such as those relating to cell structure and function, genetics, evolution, ecology, and human anatomy and physiology.
  2. Mastery of Scientific Inquiry: Students will be able to plan and carry out scientific research, analyse data, and come to conclusions based on that findings.
  3. Problem-Solving skills: Students will be able to use their biology knowledge to solve problems in the real world, assess the validity of scientific data, and make wise judgements as a result of their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.
  4. Good communication: Students will be able to express their scientific thoughts and conclusions in writing and during oral presentations in a clear and effective manner.
  5. Cooperation and teamwork: Students will be able to work cooperatively on group assignments and lab investigations while displaying good interpersonal, leadership, and communication skills.
  6. Appreciation of Diversity: Pupils will be able to identify and value the diversity of life, including various animals, ecosystems, and human civilizations.
  7. Ethics-based decision-making: Students will be able to weigh the moral consequences of biological research and technology and come to ethical conclusions.

Overall, students should be well-prepared for further studies in biology or related subjects, as well as for careers, by the time they complete the biology A Levels curriculum at Doyen Education.

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Syllabus overview

At Doyen Education, The programme Focuses a strong emphasis on advanced practical skills while covering the fundamental theoretical ideas that are crucial to the topic as well as some recent applications of biology. A planned practical examination is used to assess practical abilities.

Along with learning new information, the course's main emphasis is on helping students understand principles from biology and put them to use in creative ways. The curriculum encourages innovative thinking and practical problem-solving skills that may be applied to any potential job path. For students interested in studying biology or a wide range of related courses at university or those pursuing a career in science, the Cambridge International AS and A-Level Biology is a great option. Cambridge International AS & A Level Biology (9700)


Meet Our Expert
Muhammad Shahid

Muhammad Shahid

IGCSE/O & A Level Biology Expert

Announcing M. Shahid, an O/A Level Biology expert with a wealth of knowledge and experience. With years of expertise tutoring and instructing Biology to students of various skill levels, M. Shahid is a widely sought-after expert in the field.

Shahid's success in teaching has been fueled by an M.Phil in Biology and a passion for Nature. His students consistently obtain top test scores, and he has taught at some of Pakistan's most esteemed colleges and universities. M. Shahid is an authority on O/A Level Biology and is knowledgeable about all of its subtleties. He is skilled at breaking down complex concepts into simple, intelligible terms so that all students, regardless of prior experience, may grasp biology.


  • Students taking the A Level Biology must succeed on five papers with the following structure.
  • Following the AS level, the first three exams will be given.
  • Two further exams will be taken to complete the A2 Level.
  • However students would have the option of either attempting all of the examinations in one sitting after two years or in two AS Level (P1, P2, P3,) and A2 Level  (P4, P5) exams.
No. Paper Type Marks Time Given
Paper 1
1 hour 15 minutes
Paper 2
AS Level Structured Questions
1 hour 15 minutes
Paper 3
Practical & Structured Questions
2 hours
Paper 4
A2 Level Structured Questions
2 hours
Paper 5
Planning, Analysis & Evaluation
1 hours 15 minutes

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