Cambridge A Level Mathematics

Introduction to Mathematics 9709

Hey Students! A level Mathematics is an ocean of Knowledge- Let’s plunge into the sea of numbers together. Mathematics is a very vital subject to take followed by IGCSE/O level Mathematics for the further progression in the same or related field. Mathematics at the A level is frequently perceived as a subject involving challenging computations. Calculations, however, make up a very minor portion of this demanding profession, which necessitates sound thinking and the transformation of particular concepts into generalised answers. A level mathematics gives you the chance to learn about pure mathematics subjects like geometry, calculus, and trigonometry and to apply these concepts to 'applied' subjects like mechanics and statistics. Physics and mechanics are closely related, and mechanics builds on principles of motion and forces to explain how and why objects move.

Significance of AS/A Level Math

A level mathematics covers a variety of extremely abstract concepts that call for strong creative thinking as well as the ability to "prove" a point. But, practically every practical advancement in science, IT, and economics that has shaped our modern world is supported by mathematics. Cambridge A Level subdivided into further maths will help students in getting more deeper and vast understanding and be respected as a separate A Level Subject. This subject offers clear concepts of versatile topics. Pure Mathematics offers students great knowledge about Algebra and other reasonings. Indeed, Mathematics is a subject of logical reasoning but it requires imagination as well.

Cambridge AS & A-Level Math

Our Goals

On Focusing below mentioned goals students will be able to understand the multiple dimensions of maths and relationship between Maths and other Education disciplines.

At Doyen Education, we strive to enables our students to

Learning Outcomes

Teaching Mathematics At Doyen Education aims to help pupils acquire an interest in Math and a good comprehension of the subject's essential ideas.

Understanding and Implementation:

  1. Students will be able to explain and understand Advance level concepts and their implementation in real life.
  2. Students will learn how to use the cutting edge Mathematical skills to solve problems. 
  3. Implement phenomena and formulas using the knowledge Students have learned in A Level Maths.

Reflection in Mathematics:

  1. Explain whether their findings make sense in the context of the issue
  2. Explain whether their findings make sense in the context of the issue
  3. discuss the significance of their findings
  4. defend the level of accuracy of their findings
  5. where appropriate, give suggestions for technique improvement.

Communication in Mathematics

  1. Students will be able to use effective ways to communicate efficiently.
  2. Students will get hands-on experience to communicate in the Number language using symbols,notations and terminology.
  3. Students will learn to move in between different forms of representation.

Develop logical and critical thinking

  1. Use analytical and problem-solving abilities to comprehend intricate Mathematical concepts and processes
  2. Learn to deal with issues involving different dilemmas using logical and critical approaches.
  3. Students will learn how to solve problems by applying logical thinking and scientific reasoning.
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Syllabus overview

A level of mathematics helps students build a variety of practical abilities. They include the ability to work with mathematical data, as well as the capacity to reason deductively and independently, take correctness into account, model situations numerically, analyse outcomes, and reflect on discoveries. These skills are transferable to a wide range of disciplines and prepare learners well for advancement into further education or right into the workforce. When teaching mathematics at the AS level, teachers have three options: pure mathematics only, pure mathematics plus mechanics, or pure mathematics and probability and statistics. Depending on the chosen applied mathematics (Mechanics and/or Probability and Statistics), teachers at A Level can select from a variety of Cambridge International A Level Mathematics pathways.

Cambridge International AS & A Level Mathematics 9709

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A Level Mathematics is no doubt a subject of vital importance and more complex than IGCSE/O level Mathematics. If you find this important subject difficult to understand, Doyen Education is here with an Expert Mathematics, Mr. Muhammad Imran Ahmad. He has vast experience in creating an engaging,creative and learning environment so that students can enjoy learning by doing. So what you are waiting for, sign up today for a free demo class with our expert Mathematics teacher and enjoy the journey towards exploring Mathematics more deeper and broader.

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