IGCSE/O-Level Biology

Introduction to Biology 0610/5090

Do you find the inner workings of the natural world to be fascinating? Do you have a strong innate curiosity regarding the intricate workings of the living things around us? If so, biology for O Levels is the ideal subject for you. You will embark on a voyage of discovery as you study biology for your o level exams, discovering the amazing world of cells, organisms, and ecosystems. Discover the mysteries of life itself while gaining a thorough understanding of the scientific principles that govern the natural world.

Significance of O Level Biology

O Level Biology is a key subject that gives pupils a thorough understanding of nature and how it functions. studying biology for the o level At Doyen Education, students get an in-depth knowledge of the scientific theories that underlie all aspects of life, from the most basic cell to the most intricate ecosystem. Everyone who wants to work in the fields of biology, medicine, or environmental science must possess this expertise. O Level Biology also helps students develop critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, which are crucial for success in any sector. O Level Biology ultimately gives students a foundational awareness of the world around them and establishes the groundwork for a lifetime of learning and discovery.


Our Goals

Our goal at Doyen Education is to give our students a comprehensive O Levels Biology education that equips them for success on the academic and personal fronts. We work to accomplish the following primary goals

Learning Outcomes

Teaching Biology at Doyen Education aims to help pupils acquire an interest in biology and a good comprehension of the subject's essential ideas.

Acquiring knowledge

  1. Become knowledgeable with and comprehend the fundamental biological ideas and concepts.
  2. Show an understanding of how various biological issues are related to one another.
  3. Analyse biological concepts and phenomena using the knowledge you have learned.

Applied Knowledge

  1. Acquire practical abilities to carry out biological studies and evaluate outcomes.
  2. Use critical thought to analyse experimental setups and results.
  3. To conduct tests safely and accurately, develop laboratory skills.

Ability to Communicate

  1. Effective written and verbal communication of scientific concepts and ideas
  2. to give reports and research papers, learn to write in the scientific language.
  3. To hone analytical and critical thinking abilities, take part in conversations and debates about science.

Fixing issues

  1. Use your analytical and problem-solving skills to comprehend intricate biological concepts and processes.
  2. gain proficiency in creating experiments and resolving issues with biological phenomena
  3. To solve biological puzzles and challenges, apply logical reasoning and scientific reasoning.

Values and Attitudes

  1. Get interested in biology and recognise how it affects your daily life.
  2. Cultivate an interest in and curiosity about the natural world.
  3. Establish moral principles and behaviors towards scientific inquiry and its effects on society.

After completing the biology O Levels programme at Doyen Education, students should be adequately prepared for both further study in biology or closely related fields as well as for careers.

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Syllabus overview

O Level Biology aids students in developing an educated interest in science and technological advancements as well as understanding the biological environment in which they live. The course covers the core ideas and concepts of the topic, as well as some of the most recent biological applications and a heavy focus on practical skills.

The knowledge of the scientific abilities required for progression to the AS and A Levels, higher education, or a job in science is also developed by learners.

Cambridge International O Level Biology (5090)

Cambridge International IGCSE Biology (0610)

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Meet M. Shahid, an O/A Level Biology subject matter expert who is well-versed in its complexities. He is skilled at breaking down complex ideas into simple terms that any student, regardless of background knowledge, can understand.

Many of M. Shahid's students went on to successful careers in Biology and related fields, demonstrating the professor's previous success. His engaging, dynamic teaching methods are tailored to each student's unique learning needs.

Shahid has the knowledge, experience, and motivation to help you achieve your goals, whether you're a starving student looking to improve your GPA or a future Biology major hoping to gain an advantage. With his help and expertise, you'll have no trouble grasping the fascinating field of Biology.

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  • Three papers with the following structure must be cleared by students
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