IGCSE/O-Level Business Studies

Introduction to Business Studies 0450/7511

Welcome to the enthralling world of business studies! Go no farther than IGCSE/O level Business Studies at Doyen Education if you're seeking for a subject that will thoroughly prepare you for a career in business.

Also, business studies is a subject that is both intellectual and practical, making it one that is both very pertinent as well as fascinating to study. So come along on this thrilling journey with us at Doyen Education as we explore the corporate world via the lens of IGCSE/O level Business Studies.

Significance of IGCSE/O Level Business Studies

Business Studies, a subject that is very important in today's world, is offered at the IGCSE/O level with Doyen Education. Understanding the foundational ideas of business is now more crucial than ever because of how quickly the global economy is changing and how continuously new challenges are being presented to firms.

For people who aspire to launch their own business, IGCSE/O level Business Studies is a required subject. It offers a strong basis for marketing, financial planning, and business management. The numerous sorts of businesses, how to write a business plan, and effective money management are all things that students may learn by learning about this subject.

Igcse/o-level business studies

Our Goals

At Doyen Education, we strive to achieve following goals. We are confident that by concentrating on these objectives, we can provide our students with a thorough and fulfilling O Levels Business education, setting them up for future success.

Learning Outcomes

Doyen Education's business studies instruction seeks to give students a keen interest in the field and a solid grasp of its key concepts.

  1. Understanding of Basic Business Concepts: Students will gain a solid understanding of the core ideas in marketing, finance, accounting, and operations management.
  2. Analytical Skills: Students will have the ability to analyse complicated business challenges, make wise judgements, and assess how their choices affect a company's overall success.
  3. Communication skills: Students will gain strong communication skills, including the capacity to interact with stakeholders, produce reports, and deliver presentations.
  4. Entrepreneurial Skills: Students will develop the abilities necessary to recognise and take advantage of new business opportunities as well as an understanding of entrepreneurship.
  5. Understanding of Social Ethics & Responsibilities: Students will gain knowledge of corporate ethics and social responsibility, including the effects of business actions on stakeholders and the larger community.
  6. Understanding Business Globally:The impact of globalisation on firms, as well as the opportunities and challenges of doing business in various foreign markets, are among the topics covered in the course on the global business environment.
  7. Practical Application: Students will be able to use their knowledge and abilities in case studies, simulations, and business projects to deal with real-world business issues.
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Syllabus overview

Students' understanding of business activity in the public and private sectors as well as the significance of innovation and change is developed through the Cambridge O Level Business Studies curriculum at Doyen Education. Learners get an understanding of the establishment, financing, management, and regulation of the main forms of business organisations. The fundamental values of collaboration and interdependence are also taken into consideration, along with other factors affecting business decision-making.

In addition to learning about business principles and practices, students also develop associated abilities including numeracy and research. The curriculum offers an excellent basis for continued study at the A Level as well as excellent job-readiness training.

Cambridge International O Level Business studies 

Cambridge International IGCSE Business studies

Meet Our Expert

Ahsan Naqvi

IGCSE/O & A Level Business Studies Teacher

Meet Ahsan Naqvi, a skilled O/A. Level Business Studies instructor at Doyen Education who is passionate about bringing out the best in each of his pupils. Ahsan is a professional and informed educator with years of experience in the field of education. He uses his skills to help his students study in a fun and encouraging environment. Ahsan's dedication to excellence has helped countless students reach their academic goals and get ready for success in the business world, whether it's via the analysis of challenging business concepts or the development of vital critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Come along with us as we explore the exciting world of business studies under the supervision of Ahsan Naqvi at Doyen Education.

Ahsan Zohaib Naqvi Business teacher


  • Three papers with the following structure must be cleared by students
No. Paper Type Marks Percentage
Paper 1
Short Answer and Data Response
Paper 2
Case Study

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