IGCSE/O-Level Chemistry

Introduction to Chemistry 0620/5070

O Level Chemistry is a core scientific subject that serves as the starting point for more in-depth chemical study. O Level Chemistry is a fascinating subject that forms the basis for many other branches of science and technology. Students are introduced to the fundamentals of chemistry at the O Levels level, including matter's properties and qualities, chemical reactions, and the structure and bonding of atoms and molecules.

Significance of O Level Chemistry

O Level Chemistry is an essential component of any student's academic path because it is one of the most generally accepted and acknowledged credentials in the world. It is crucial for students who want to major in chemistry as well as those who want to go into other scientific professions like engineering, medicine, or environmental science.

IGCSE/O-Level chemistry

Our Goals

Doyen Education's online O Level Chemistry teaching has the following goals

Learning Outcomes

By learning this syllabus students will be able to

  1. Fundamental concepts are mastered: By the completion of our O Level Chemistry program, students will have a comprehensive understanding of key ideas including atomic structure, chemical bonding, and stoichiometry.
  2. Knowledge implementation: By our coaching, we hope to provide students the skills they need to use their understanding of chemistry to solve problems in the real world and come to wise judgments.
  3. Excellent analytical abilities: Students will develop strong analytical abilities through practice and instruction that will allow them to understand and analyse data, come to conclusions, and make predictions.
  4. Personalized instruction: Each student receives personalized support from our tutors, who adapt their teaching methods to meet their particular requirements and learning preferences.
  5. Preparation for further study: By providing students with the fundamental information and abilities they need to excel in higher-level courses, our curriculum is intended to prepare them for further study in the field of chemistry.
  6. Develop science-related attitudes such as concern for precision and accuracy, objectivity, integrity, initiative, and originality.
  7. Raise awareness of the following: the practice and study of science are cooperative endeavours that build upon one another; they are subject to social, economic, technological, ethical, and cultural influences; and they are constrained by these factors. Additionally, the applications of science can have a positive or negative impact on an individual, a community, and the environment.
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Syllabus overview

Learning about technology and taking an informed interest in science and scientific discoveries are two things that O Level Chemistry may help students with. The syllabus covers the fundamental ideas and concepts of the field, as well as some of the most recent chemistry applications. It also places a big focus on practical abilities.

As they proceed to the AS and A Levels, higher education, or a job in science, students also gain knowledge of the scientific abilities that are necessary.

Cambridge O Level Chemistry (5070)

Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry 0620

Meet Our Expert
Muhammad Luqman

Muhammad Luqman

IGCSE/O & A Level Chemistry Teacher

Meet M. Luqman, a subject matter expert in O/A Level Chemistry and is well-versed in its complexities. He is adept at simplifying complicated ideas into clear, laymen terms so that every student, regardless of background knowledge, may comprehend Chemistry.

Numerous of M. Luqman's pupils went on to pursue fruitful careers in chemistry and related subjects, demonstrating the professor's prior success. His engaging, dynamic teaching methods are adapted to each student's specific learning requirements.

Luqman has the expertise, experience, and motivation to support you in accomplishing your ambitions, whether you're a starving student seeking to raise your Grade average or a future Chemistry major hoping to get an advantage. You'll have no difficulty understanding the intriguing field of chemistry with his assistance and expertise.


  • Three papers with the following structure must be cleared by students
No. Paper Type Marks Percentage
Paper 1
Paper 2
Paper 3

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