Cambridge IGCSE/O Level Economics

Introduction to Economics 0455/2281

IGCSE/O level is a topic that imparts in-depth understanding of the intricate interactions between nations, corporations, and consumers that determine the world economy..The dynamic subject of economics gives students a theoretical basis in the field as well as a real-world awareness of how it influences their daily lives. IGCSE/O level Economics provides a thorough introduction to one of the most significant topics of our day, examining everything from market mechanisms and government regulations to the difficulties of international trade.

Significance of IGCSE/O Level Economics

IGCSE/O level Economics is a crucial subject that gives students a thorough understanding of the fundamental ideas in economics. It's a fascinating subject since it gives students essential life skills that will help them make wise decisions in both their personal and professional lives.IGCSE/O level Economics is a captivating subject that gives students valuable knowledge and abilities. It gives students the tools they need to make wise decisions in their personal and professional lives and serves as a wonderful basis for subsequent study.

Cambridge IGCSE/O Level Economics

Our Goals

Our Economics curriculum at Doyen Education strives to give students a solid grasp of economic ideas and principles, a thorough comprehension of the global economic landscape, and exam preparation. Doyen Education's online O Level Economics teaching has the following goals

Learning Outcomes

IGCSE/O level Economics is a captivating subject that offers students a variety of useful abilities and information.. By learning this syllabus students will be able to,


  1. Understanding of Fundamental Economic Concepts: The IGCSE/O level Economics course introduces students to fundamental economic ideas such supply and demand, inflation, economic growth, and global commerce.
  2. Knowledge implementation: By our coaching, we hope to provide students the skills they need to use their understanding of Economics to solve problems in the real world and come to wise judgments.
  3. Excellent analytical abilities: Students will develop strong analytical abilities through practice and instruction that will allow them to understand and analyse data, come to conclusions, and make predictions.
  4. Ability to communicate. Students will gain knowledge on how to effectively convey economic concepts and arguments in essays, reports, and presentations. Nearly every industry, including business, academia, and government, values these abilities.
  5. Preparation for further study: By providing students with the fundamental information and abilities they need to excel in higher-level courses, our curriculum is intended to prepare them for further study in the field of Economics.
  6. Practical Applications: The ideas covered in IGCSE/O level Economics have useful applications in everyday life. Students study the impact of the economy on numerous industries, including agriculture, manufacturing, and services
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Syllabus overview

At Doyen Education, we are offering The Cambridge IGCSE/ O Level Economics curriculum that fosters a grasp of economic theory, jargon, and concepts. The IGCSE/O Level Economics curriculum serves as a foundation for further study, including International AS & A Level Economics, or its equivalent. Students research the interrelationships between the economies of various nations. They also learn how to apply the instruments of economic analysis and to work with basic economic data. Students apply their knowledge of economics to current economic concerns.

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Meet Our Expert
Tayyab Khawaja Economics Teacher

Tayyab Khawaja

IGCSE/O & A Level Economics Teacher

Doyen Education is thrilled to welcome Tayyab Khawaja as an economist expert with rigorous training in teaching economics. He has a talent for breaking down complex concepts into understandable terms for lay people so that every student, regardless of prior experience, can understand the Topic. He employs his skills to help his students learn in a helpful and engaging environment. Through the analysis of challenging Economics concepts or the development of crucial critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, Tayyab's dedication to excellence has helped many students achieve their academic goals and prepare for success in the business world.

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