Cambridge IGCSE/O-Level Islamiyat

Introduction to Islamiyat 0493/2058

Islamiyat is a vital subject with the perspective of Islam, its principles, practices, and values. It’s a subject that takes us on a journey through the history of Islam, exploring the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the teachings of the Quran. IGCSE/O Levels Islamiyat is an academic subject that allows you to have an in-depth knowledge about Islamic values and practices. It’s designed to provide you an understanding of the basic tenets of Islam, its history, and its role in shaping the world. Doyen’s Education aims to develop your knowledge and appreciation of Islamic beliefs, practices, and values, as well as your ability to critically analyse Islamic texts and ideas. It’s a fascinating and enriching subject that allows you to deepen your understanding of Islam and its significance in the modern world.

Significance of Islamiyat

Studying IGCSE/O Level Islamiyat is an essential part of a well-rounded education. It provides you with a deep understanding of the Islamic faith, its history, and its role in shaping the world. This subject equips you with the knowledge necessary to analyse Islamic ideologies, allowing you to engage with complex issues in a nuanced and thoughtful way.

Moreover, studying Islamiyat fosters an appreciation of Islamic culture and its contributions to the world. It encourages you to reflect on the values and beliefs that underpin Islam, promoting personal and moral development.

Islamiyat also builds bridges of understanding between people of different faiths and cultures, promoting tolerance, respect, and harmony. This is also helpful in countering the rising Islamophobia that can lead to a more peaceful world.

Our Goals

Doyen’s Education aims to give students an in-depth understanding of Islamic principles and history along with its contribution to the modern world. We believe that studying Islamiyat is an excellent way to promote oneself both personally and morally.

The main objectives of our online tutoring for Islamiyat are

Learning Outcomes

With Doyen’s Education, you’ll be able to:

  1. Deeply understand the Islamic concepts and teachings: Students will be able to analyse, question, and evaluate these ideas and apply them to real-life situations.
  2. Increased confidence in ability to learn: Students will have increased confidence in their ability to learn and understand the subject matter, which can lead to greater success in future academic pursuits.
  3. Stronger moral and ethical compass: Students will develop a stronger moral and ethical compass, based on Islamic principles such as compassion, honesty, and justice.
  4. Improved interfaith harmony: Students will be able to engage in interfaith dialogue and promote understanding and respect for other religions and cultures.
  5. Greater cultural and religious awareness: We aim to foster greater cultural and religious awareness, helping students appreciate the rich cultural and religious heritage of Islam.
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Syllabus overview

The IGCSE/O Levels Islamiyat syllabus covers the basic principles and teachings of Islam, with the history and development of the religion and its impact in shaping the modern world. Students will study the life of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the Quran, Hadith, Islamic beliefs and practices, and the contributions of Islamic scholars and civilizations to world history. They’ll also explore the relationship between Islam and other faiths, as well as contemporary issues facing the Muslim world, like Islamophobia. The syllabus aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of Islam and its role in the modern world.

Cambridge O Level Islamiyat 2058

Cambridge IGCSE Islamiyat 0493

Meet Our Expert

Mr. Ahmad Baber

IGCSE/O Level Islamiyat Teacher

Meet Mr. Ahmad Baber, a seasoned tutor who has dedicated years to teaching Islamiyat in some of Lahore's most prestigious institutions. With his extensive experience and expertise, Mr. Baber has developed a unique approach to teaching this subject that inspires his students to learn and excel. Mr. Baber has a deep passion for teaching and a commitment to his students' success. He believes that every student has the potential to excel, and he works tirelessly to create an engaging and supportive learning environment that fosters their growth and development. In his classes, Mr. Baber uses a variety of teaching methods and materials to make the subject matter accessible and relevant to his students. He encourages active participation and discussion, challenging his students to think critically and develop their own perspectives on the issues they study. Mr. Baber's approach to teaching Islamiyat is grounded in his own strong Islamic values, which he seeks to instil in his students. He believes that the study of Islam should be a holistic experience that not only imparts knowledge but also fosters moral and ethical development.

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