Cambridge IGCSE/O-Level Pakistan Studies

Introduction to Pakistan Studies 0448/2059

IGCSE/O level Pakistan studies is an appropriate subject if you're someone who is eager to discover more about the culture and customs of Pakistan. IGCSE/O level Pakistan courses at Doyen Education give students a thorough understanding of Pakistani culture.In-depth study of the nation's political, economic, and social changes is provided in this subject. This course will give students a thorough understanding of the nation's history and current identity, from the early civilizations that flourished in the area to Pakistan's modern struggles and accomplishments as a nation-state.

Significance of IGCSE/O Level Pakistan Studies

For students interested in learning about the history, culture, and society of Pakistan, Pakistan Studies at the IGCSE/O level is a crucial topic. IGCSE/O level Pakistan Studies will give you the knowledge and abilities to engage with difficult topics and contribute to insightful conversations on Pakistan's global standing. It highlights the importance of critical thinking, research techniques, and the analysis of original materials. Through the study of Pakistan Studies, come along with us on a voyage of discovery and illumination!

Pakistan Studies for IGCSE/O-level

Our Goals

IGCSE/O level Pakistan Studies at Doyen Education, an online O/A Level Academy, has the following objectives

Learning Outcomes

By learning this syllabus students will be able to,


  1. Realizing Pakistan's historical roots: By studying Pakistan Studies, students can get knowledge about the nation's historical and cultural antecedents.
  2. Improving critical thinking abilities: The study of Pakistan studies places a strong emphasis on analytical and critical thinking abilities. To gain a thorough understanding of complicated subjects, students learn to analyse and evaluate primary sources, such as historical documents, images, and works of art.
  3. Understanding contemporary Pakistan: Pakistan Studies offers a thorough overview of the country's politics and society today. The political structure, the role of religion, and the effects of globalisation on Pakistan and many other topics the subjects covered.
  4. Personalized instruction: Each student receives personalized support from our tutors, who adapt their teaching methods to meet their particular requirements and learning preferences.
  5. Preparation for further study: By providing students with the fundamental information and abilities they need to excel in higher-level courses, our curriculum is intended to prepare them for further study in the field of chemistry.
  6. Expanding Horizons: Those who study Pakistan Studies may have a more comprehensive understanding of the globe and a greater appreciation for the variety of cultures and societies that exist there.
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Syllabus overview

The history, culture, geography, ecology, and development of Pakistan are covered in the O Level Pakistan Studies curriculum. Students gain knowledge of Pakistan's rich cultural influences and historical events, from the fall of the Mughal Empire until 1999, that helped to create the country's identity. Learners investigate various historical perspectives and acquire a comprehension of historical topics and skills via their studies.

In addition, they take into account Pakistan's topography as well as its environmental and development challenges. By studying many sources and viewpoints, it will be easier to grasp how the economy and environment interact. This curriculum helps all students understand Pakistan's history, as well as the difficulties and opportunities it faces.

Cambridge IGCSE Pakistan Studies 0448

Cambridge O Level Pakistan Studies 2059

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Javaid Kausar

IGCSE/O & A Level Pakistan Studies Teacher

We at Doyen Education have Mr. Javaid Kausar on staff to present the actual face of Pakistani culture while keeping it very easy and engaging. He has a lot of expertise teaching history to kids in a way that makes it easy for them to understand. He uses his talents to create an enjoyable and supportive learning atmosphere for his students. Whether it's through the understanding of complex concepts or the improvement of critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Also, he clearly explains Pakistan's topography as well as the country's environmental and development problems. He constantly pushes his students to gain a deeper grasp of the relationship between the economy and the environment.

Javed Kasur

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