IGCSE/O-Level Physics

Introduction to Physics 0625/5054

Physics is a fascinating and touchy issue that examines the underlying laws that control our universe. Physics is the ideal subject for you if you're someone who is interested in how the universe functions and wants to comprehend natural rules.

Physics O Levels will give you a solid basis for your future studies and profession, regardless of whether you want to pursue a career in physics, engineering, or are just interested in learning more about the natural world. With Physics O Levels, you'll study about the fascinating and intricate cosmos that surrounds us and how to appreciate its grace and beauty.

Significance of O Level Physics

Knowledge of the physical world around us begins with having a strong foundation in physics at the O Levels. It enables students to understand the underlying ideas that underpin our universe and serves as the starting point for many other scientific disciplines.

A deeper grasp of the natural world, including the rules of motion and energy as well as the behaviour of matter and the structure of the universe, can be gained by studying physics for O Levels. In addition to being fascinating, this knowledge is crucial in many facets of contemporary life, including technology, engineering, medical, and environmental science. Physics is an important subject that serves as a firm basis for further study in science and technology and aids in the development of key abilities that are necessary in many different job domains.

igcse/o-level physics

Our Goals

At Doyen Education, we strive to achieve following goals.

Learning Outcomes

Teaching Biology at Doyen Education aims to help pupils acquire an interest in biology and a good comprehension of the subject's essential ideas.

Acquiring knowledge

  1. Become knowledgeable with and with the key concepts of Physical ideas and theories
  2. Show an understanding of how various Topics of Physics are linked to one another.
  3. Implement concepts and phenomena using the knowledge Students have learned in O Level Physics.

Applied Knowledge

  1. Build practical skills to perform Physics’s experiments and observe the results.
  2. Use critical thought to analyse experimental setups and results.
  3. To conduct tests safely and accurately, develop laboratory skills.

Ability to Communicate

  1. Effective written and verbal communication of scientific concepts and ideas
  2. to give reports and research papers, learn to write in the scientific language.
  3. To hone analytical and critical thinking abilities, and take part in conversations and debates about Physics or material sciences.

Fixing issues

  1. Use analytical and problem-solving abilities to comprehend intricate physical concepts and processes
  2. Learn to create experiments and deal with issues involving physical phenomena.
  3. To solve physical issues and problems, apply logical thinking and scientific reasoning.

Values and Attitudes

  1. Take an interest in physics and recognise how it affects your daily life.
  2. Create a sense of wonder and inquiry about the natural world.
  3. Establish moral principles and a sense of the impact of science on society.

After completing the Physics O Levels programme at Doyen Education, students should be adequately prepared for both further study in Physics or closely related fields as well as for careers.

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Syllabus overview

O Level Physics at Doyen Education enables students to have an informed interest in science and scientific discoveries as well as to grasp the modern environment in which they live. In addition to certain modern physics applications, the course places a heavy emphasis on practical skills and core concepts that are fundamental to the topic.

As they move to AS and A Levels, higher education, or a job in science, students also gain knowledge of the scientific techniques required.

Cambridge International O Level Physics (5054)

Cambridge International IGCSE Physics (5054)

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Cyrus Ishaq

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Are the universal rules and how they influence our surroundings a source of fascination for you? Do you desire to decipher the enigmas of the cosmos and motivate the upcoming generation of thinkers and innovators? Who better to ask than our respected physics teacher? Meet Cyrus Ishaq, Doyen Education Physics teacher, who has a love for physics and years of teaching experience, is dedicated to assisting students in gaining a thorough understanding of the fundamental concepts of physics. Our teacher uses interesting, thought-provoking courses that push students to think critically and creatively to bring physics to life, from classical mechanics to quantum mechanics. As we explore the mysteries of the cosmos with our motivational physics teacher ay Doyen education, come along on a journey of discovery.



  • Three papers with the following structure must be cleared by students
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