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The General Certificate of Education (GCE) Ordinary Level, usually known as the O-level or O level, was a subject-based academic award. The O-level was introduced in 1951 to replace the 16+ School Certificate (SC) as a stepping stone to the new, more in-depth, and academically demanding A-level (Advanced Level),

Students who pass the O-Level are said to have completed their official education and are given the final secondary school diploma. CIE oversees the Cambridge O-Level program (Cambridge International Examination). It is a globally accepted credential that is comparable to the Cambridge IGCSE and the UK GCSE. The O-Level offers pupils great preparation for continuing their education.


The grades awarded for the Cambridge IGCSE range from A* (the highest mark) to G,(lowest grade) and they are intended for a wide variety of students .For some courses, there is a core curriculum and an extended curriculum. With the help of initiative and problem-solving skills as well as knowledge and understanding, the Cambridge IGCSE evaluates oral and practical skills. For several syllabuses, Cambridge IGCSE offers a coursework alternative, letting "Centers" exercise some personal discretion and allowing educators to participate in the evaluation process

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In order to meet the needs of students from diverse nations and those whose first language may not be English, Cambridge O-Level has been specifically created for a worldwide audience. The curriculum also permits instruction to be localised, making it applicable anywhere you study. Schools in certain nations, like Pakistan, employ the Cambridge O-Level as an international substitute for the state-run test.

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Why to choose IGCSE/O-Level

The most prestigious international diploma for secondary school pupils is the O-Level. It serves as a stepping stone for them to pursue higher education or professional pursuits domestically or abroad. They can assist you by:

  • Language examinations being waived for those moving abroad or attending school there. For instance, receiving a Grade C in "English" at the O Level is sometimes sufficient to meet the language criteria for admission to various colleges in English-speaking countries.
  • Pursuing greater work chances and acquiring knowledge and abilities that improve your life's success.
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I always found IGCSE/O/A Level Maths very difficult to understand, but thanks to Doyen Education. When I met Sir Imran Ahmad,his tailored and flexible teaching style helped me alot and made my life easy & simple.

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From the start of my educational career, I was very keen to learn about human behaviour and mental processes. At Doyen Education with the help of Sir Umer, I am able to fulfil my interest by taking A Level Psychology as my major subject

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Hey, Thanks Doyen Education for changing my thoughts about chemistry. For me. Chemistry was a very tough and dry subject but Sir Luqman made it simple and more interesting for me.

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Doyen Education is not less than a blessing for students. I found all subject experts over here. Thanks to all the experts at Doyen Education. They made learning so easy and joyful.

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For Students who found to learn Biology very hard, Sir Muhammad Shahid is an expert who has the ability to break the complex concepts in simple thoughts.

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The online tutoring environment at Doyen Education I found very Dynamic and creative. Students will not find such a learning environment anywhere else.

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